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Digital Flori Therapy

For the type of people who are happily going about their life. The remedy is needed when such a person is distracted from their path by the influence of others.
The positive aspects of this remedy are the ability to keep sight of our path in life.

For the type of person who is of a reserved, private and dignified nature.
The positive quality is the return of the natural equilibrium, the natural pride and dignity, an enjoyment of one’s own company, but at the same time to feel closer to friends.

For the relief of worrying thoughts or mental arguments that go round and round in the mind, giving no rest and causing insomnia in many cases.
The positive aspect of this remedy is peace of mind.

The remedy to help those who are at a crossroads in life to find their true direction.
The positive aspect of the remedy is to help the sufferer know the right path to take in order to gain fulfilment and satisfy their ambitions.

For the type of person who enjoys life and is content the way it is. The remedy would by needed if such a person felt that life was passing them by.
The positive quality of this remedy is greater motivation and enthusiasm for life.

To help those who feel they have not deserved as great a trial as they have received; who feel resentful, bitter or are filled with self-pity as a result.
The positive aspect of this remedy is positive outward thought and optimism.

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