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Digital Flori Therapy

For the type of person who tends to hide their worries, fears and unhappiness behind a facade of cheerfulness.
The positive quality is to ease the inner torture, and thus a return of genuine happiness.

For vague fears of unknown origin. Apprehensive that something terrible is going to happen but for no known reason.
The positive quality of the remedy is a release of the fear so that the sufferer is able to turn and face it and know that it has no basis.

For the type of person who finds it hard not to criticise the way in which other people act, speak or do things.
The positive quality of this remedy is to promote understanding and lenience.

For those who are over-anxious to serve others to the point where they become more servants than willing helpers. Weak-willed, they often neglect their own mission in life.
The positive quality is quiet inner strength that, whilst not diminishing the gentle and helpful nature of these particular individuals, enables them to stand up for themselves.

For the type of person who questions his or her own judgement, having made a decision, doubts that it is the right one.
The positive quality of the remedy is to promote certainty and faith in one’s intuition.

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