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Digital Flori Therapy

For tiredness and exhaustion due to overwork either physical or mental.
The positive aspect of the remedy is to restore vigour and replenish energy.

For the type of people who blame themselves and constantly apologise for anything that goes wrong, even that which is not their fault.
The positive quality of this remedy is understanding others make mistakes too so not to reprimand oneself for everything.

For the type of person who is more concerned for the well-being and safety of others, especially family and close friends, than they are for themselves.
The positive quality of this remedy is the return of a more rational concern.

For the relief of terror, panic, nightmares.
The positive aspect is a calm state of mind and peaceful thoughts with the subject of terror placed in true proportion.

For the type of person who leads a life of exactness, discipline and self-sacrifice. The remedy is needed for such a person should their outlook stifle their enjoyment of life.
The positive quality is the maintenance of moral value.

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