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Digital Flori Therapy

For the type of person who is naturally capable of coping with most personal and work commitments, but is inclined to feel over-burdened with additional responsibility.
The positive quality of this remedy is that of greater self-belief.

For pessimism and a negative outlook. Sufferers are easily discouraged and depressed when things go wrong or when faced with difficulties.
The positive potential is the realisation that there is no such thing as failure when one is doing one’s best.

This remedy helps those who feel hopeless, as though nothing will ever be better, that they will never be well again.
The positive aspect of this remedy therefore, is the return of hope so that the person has faith in a positive outcome.

For the type of person who enjoys companionship and conversation. Enjoys talking.
The positive quality of the remedy is appreciation of other people’s needs so that companionship is mutual and therefore more fulfilling.

The remedy for jealousy, envy, suspicion, desire for revenge, spitefulness or hatred, and is thus needed whenever these feelings are apparent.
The positive quality of this remedy is forgiveness and love.

For lingering memories of the past, nostalgia, excessive reminiscence, recurrent dreams of past events, regrets, homesickness.
The positive aspect of this remedy is to allow the mind to reflect and enjoy past memories, but able to focus on the present.

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