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Healing Code Therapy

1. What are Healing Codes? 

An advanced system of using  sound-wave frequencies to heal illness, frequency imbalance.Employing the best in modern sound technology, each Healing Code provides a carefully calibrated set  of frequencies designed to treat a specific disease or condition frequency.

2. Is HCT Safe?

HCT  is a non-invasive and completely safe method. Frequency-based treatment is approved  by the US administration for relief of chronic and acute pain. All HCT programs operate in frequency ranges similar to the approved models. Of course, the most important factor in healing  sound-frequency is the precise combination of sounds.However, from a safety point of view, all combinations employed by HCT are within the approved frequency ranges and are completely safe.

3. For how long, and how often should I listen to the HCT?

In most cases, HCT is used for 20-30 minutes, twice daily. With some conditions, we advise  longer sessions, repeated several times a day.

4. How fast does HCT work?

HCT begins to have an effect as soon as the session begins.

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