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Computerised Voice Scan

How often will I need to have my voice evaluated?

This completely depends on your health situation, as well as your current results, and varies greatly from person to person. The therapist will be able to show you any changes in your voice print.

Can anyone else benefit from my tones?

No. These tones were uniquely derived from your voice analysis, and are unique to you. You should never allow anyone to listen to your personalized frequencies in the tonebox.

Can I do anything to increase the effectiveness of the tones?

Yes, tone or sign along with the tonebox. There is no better way of vibrating and entraining a missing frequency than to sing along. This will get your whole body vibrating with the frequency from inside, in the most holistic way possible.

Where does all this information come from? How did they know about all these connections?
The knowledge necessary to link emotions to musical tones and vibrations dates back to the origin of the Chinese medicine. In the Five Elements theory, each organ is connected to an emotion, a level of consciousness, a color, muscles, a sounds etc. Since then, with muscle testing, Doctors and therapists have learned even more about the body/mind connection and have been able to develop a precisecorrelation between energy patterns and emotional and mental imbalances.

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