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Computerised Voice Scan

How will the practitioner try to rebalance my energy?

The practitioner will normally play the frequencies that are missing, or a balancing frequency for those in excess. How will the practitioner know if it’s working?

Practitioners normally use a Pulse Oximeter to measure the pulse rate and oxygenation of the blood. We notice a distinct lowering of the pulse rate, and increase in the oxygenation levels when we find a frequency that supports your body. This support then allows your body’s natural healing capabilities to operate more efficiently, thereby restoring health and wellness.

What do you do with an excess of frequency energy?

Our only choice is to add more of a frequency that balances it. It is very similar to the problem of mixing paints. If you have too much of a certain color in the paint, there isn’t anything you can do to take out. Your only choice is to add in more of the other colors until you get the desired tone.

When you voice displays an excess in a particular frequency, a practitioner will try to rebalance it by providing the complimentary or “inverse” frequency. Again, it is just like with color where you will add more green to balance or neutralize the excess red since green and red are compliementary colors of one another. We will do the same thing with “frequency” compliements.

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