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Healing Code Therapy

16. What are the ideal conditions of the room?

Ideally the ambience of room should be calm with mobiles and tv sets switched off…Because both these are unlikely to support immune function.

17. Is one time of the day better than another for frequency sessions?

Unless it is an emergency frequency therapy should be avoided after 8 pm as this is the time when the system starts preparing for repair and sleep and extra frequencies could irritate the nerves and keep you awake.

18.What can I expect to feel during a frequency therapy session?

Every person gets a different response during a session and you may feel relaxed immediately, warmth, more energetic etc.

19. Do I need a special diet or nutritional support during frequency therapy session?

It is a good idea to have Frequency therapy session when your stomach is empty, as the body needs to focus on eliminating toxic materials instead of digesting food.

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