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Digital Aura Scan

 Is Aura visible to us?

No, Aura is not visible to us with our naked eyes .It needs refined viewing but there are many methods through which we can see it.

If it is not visible how can we know its presence?

We can feel the Aura by sensitizing our hands and also there are many different methods through which we can see  our  energy field.

Why do we need to see Aura?

It is important to see our aura because:

Physically-Whatever we think, specially in a negative way, for example tensions anger pessimism etc. which most of the time we do, has a direct effect on our physical body. We develop stress in the energy field on different organs and after a period of time the negative vibrations from stress blocks enters the physical body and a disease is then diagnosed. If seen in Aura it can be cured right from its inception.

Mentally-By watching the mental status in Aura, we can see the true nature and intentions of a person. With bright and clear colors, the person seems good natured and reliable and when the Aura is muddy or grey or dark, the intentions could be unclear and not to rely upon.

Spiritually-An Aura is our spiritual signature. There are seven layers of Aura which is connected with cosmos and to understand this needs deep study .

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